Stand up Australia – March in March 2017

The March is on again. Dedicated people are in the final days organising for the Stand up Australia – March in March, 2017  when people from all over the country are coming  together to protest the Turnball government and it’s bad policies.

People have had enough. Enough of the cuts to the lowest income earner’s or the unemployed, enough to continuing on with the idea of coal mining or gas fracking, enough to locking up people indefinately in the middle of the ocean on an island and then disregarding the treatment each individual received as a fellow human brother or sister, enough to your lies of no cuts and next we hear cuts, enough of all your political party members involved in dubious financial affairs that they have either been sacked or stood down, enough to your lavish expensive do’s and party lunches or dinners to live up the high life, costing more than some of us get per year, enough of trying to forcibly control people’s finances without also providing services of support to assist in the recovery of people’s well being and enough of not letting people marry who they want.

On Saturday, in eight locations people from far and wide are coming together to give voice and to march in protest to the Turnball government. If you’ve had enough too and would like to march, details can be found at these links below or as per the meme details.

There’s also a protest online option for those who can’t make a march and would like to show your protest. The idea is to make a sign, take a selfie or a photo of your sign and post to the facebook page at or send via private message.

march meme 6