Consumerism and Climate Change

This started out as an opinion post that I wrote back in 2015 on consumerism. I’ve edited and added some extra to try to bring it up to date.

Here we are in 2020 and the topic of Climate Change is still ongoing and getting worse.

Since 2015 a lot has happened. We’ve had two elections since and we still have the Liberal National Party in government, both elections won by them. We were all led to believe that Labor was going to win the 2019 election but the tables folded on that one and we landed with the LNP back in government again.

We’ve recently, this past summer had the worse fires in living memory on the east coast of Australia, which has devasted people, landscapes and wildlife.  Then drenching rain which has created flooding in some areas.

The disasters around the world are continuing to occur due to Climate Change and there’s currently a serious health issue with Coronavirus (COVID -19) occurring in China as well as spreading around the world.

When it comes to combating climate change, where scientists have stated that that we need to decarbonise the world and coal needs to stay in the ground, we hear some politicians still talk about more coal mines and plants, fracking for gas, drilling for oil and heaven forbid nuclear power plants too. It all sounds utterly crazy.

Then on top of that, the expectation of continuous growth and mass production seems to also be in opposition to combating the effects of Climate Change. Unnecessary consumerism appears to be something we can do without too.

It seems that everything is above and beyond capacity and producing up and above global necessity.

It is obvious that the demand for production, high wages, and expensive lifestyles needs to significantly change if we have any hope of combating Climate Change.

There is no way we can continue the type of consumerism, high unrealistic standards, the constant expectation of being able to purchase whatever we like, whenever we like if we are to combat Climate Change.

Our trade system has to change. Industries should not be running at maximum capacity, constantly producing product because they say demand dictates. It all seems purely profit-driven and unnecessary. It’s not only just about jobs. Yes, people need jobs and incomes, but some businesses seem to want to pay worker’s as little as possible for maximum labour and then expect people to constantly buy products in our never-ending throw-away world.

When some of us can manage to live with very little, why do others think they need to have gazillions of dollars to live their lives? Pure greed and indulgence is the reason I think.

When I go out shopping these days to look at products like clothes, shoes or household items all I see is junk. Poorly made or inferior quality. I turn away in disgust and vary rarely buy anything unless I need it, and then I’m fussy as to what I do buy.

I feel industries are failing us, with the pumping out of products that have no style, no quality and some things have no purpose at all.

Industries need to up the quality of products and to limit the requirement to purchase these products. Some things like mobile phones, tablets and computer charges and batteries don’t seem to last, especially the phone cords that break so easily. I’ve literally a whole small box of these charges, all broken.

I honestly believe there should be no more cheap, under quality, ill-fitting, chemically saturated products, permeating our shopping centres and stores. I long for quality, for products to last a good while.

Some products are not actually needed and are just pumped out of factories purely for profit-making schemes. It all seems to have become a purely profit-driven world. It has become too overwhelming.

The waste that is being created, one can only imagine the scale of things being buried in waste dumps around the world. Even a proper recycling industry isn’t fully operational in this world or in our country.

Even if we don’t open our eyes and realise what we have to do to change, maybe climate change will force us to change. Maybe Climate Change will leave us with no choice.

Stand up Australia – March in March 2017

The March is on again. Dedicated people are in the final days organising for the Stand up Australia – March in March, 2017  when people from all over the country are coming  together to protest the Turnball government and it’s bad policies.

People have had enough. Enough of the cuts to the lowest income earner’s or the unemployed, enough to continuing on with the idea of coal mining or gas fracking, enough to locking up people indefinately in the middle of the ocean on an island and then disregarding the treatment each individual received as a fellow human brother or sister, enough to your lies of no cuts and next we hear cuts, enough of all your political party members involved in dubious financial affairs that they have either been sacked or stood down, enough to your lavish expensive do’s and party lunches or dinners to live up the high life, costing more than some of us get per year, enough of trying to forcibly control people’s finances without also providing services of support to assist in the recovery of people’s well being and enough of not letting people marry who they want.

On Saturday, in eight locations people from far and wide are coming together to give voice and to march in protest to the Turnball government. If you’ve had enough too and would like to march, details can be found at these links below or as per the meme details.

There’s also a protest online option for those who can’t make a march and would like to show your protest. The idea is to make a sign, take a selfie or a photo of your sign and post to the facebook page at or send via private message.

march meme 6

Australia’s Election 2016

The longest election campaign in 50 yrs and yet here we are languishing in limbo waiting for a final result. We saw one of the most massive swings back to Labor picking up around 16 seats and Nick Xenophon did well too, and we ended up with One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson and Derryn Hinch in the senate. I wonder if this was the outcome Malcolm Turnball wanted. I doubt it.

It’s been a week since the election and the counting continues. The AEC has the LNP at 74 and ALP at 71 but the ABC has LNP at 74 too with ALP still at 66. The numbers keep going up and down as the counting is updated and there are still five seats that are still too close to call. These are Cowan in WA, Capricornia, Flynn and Herbert in Qld and Hindmarsh in SA.

But there’s been a few issues such as:

Outback communities miss out on voting
Complaints growing in WA’s north about late changes and limited polling options.

There was a mixup and voters were given the wrong ballot papers. In another polling center, they ran out of ballot papers.
Ballot mishap across four states.

They forgot to go to hospitals and nursing homes
“Patients miss voting in another AEC bungle.”

Defence force on exercise mission miss out on voting.
“Hundreds of soldiers miss out on voting.”

Glenn Lazarus, who missed out on winning his seat back, has now officially lodged a complaint with the AEC.

They are now relying on postal and absentee votes to determine the outcome results. It may not be until next week that a result is known.

It’s been a stinker for the LNP losing so many seats and a brilliant result for Labor winning so many seats back. It has balanced out the member ratio between LNP and Labor.

The test is with the Senate and how that is going to work out.

Where will it lead?  I think with the various discrepancies and there may be more we should go back to vote again if it wasn’t for the cost and time it would take to do it all over.  Bill Shorten has predicted we will be back to the polls before the years out.

The majority of Australians want an ALP (Labor) government. It’s actually quite obvious considering the Liberals and the Nationals have to form a coalition to make up the 76 seats needed for a majority government. Of course, ALP would need to get 76 seats also for them to do the same.

Bob Katter is funny. He has agreed to not block supply or confidence provided theirs no union bashing by Malcolm Turnball. Bob Katter has reserved his right to change his mind. Cathy McGowan has also said “Prime minister Malcolm Turnball and I have agreed that, while maintaining my complete independence, I am prepared to contribute to the stability of the 45th parliament by continuing with my past practice of supporting the government of the day on supply and matters of confidence.”

The government of the day may well be Labor too. The count is not over yet and we may end up going back to the polls. It’s happened before when there have been mistakes made and if enough people complain we may end up having to.