Australia’s Election 2016

The longest election campaign in 50 yrs and yet here we are languishing in limbo waiting for a final result. We saw one of the most massive swings back to Labor picking up around 16 seats and Nick Xenophon did well too, and we ended up with One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson and Derryn Hinch in the senate. I wonder if this was the outcome Malcolm Turnball wanted. I doubt it.

It’s been a week since the election and the counting continues. The AEC has the LNP at 74 and ALP at 71 but the ABC has LNP at 74 too with ALP still at 66. The numbers keep going up and down as the counting is updated and there are still five seats that are still too close to call. These are Cowan in WA, Capricornia, Flynn and Herbert in Qld and Hindmarsh in SA.

But there’s been a few issues such as:

Outback communities miss out on voting
Complaints growing in WA’s north about late changes and limited polling options.

There was a mixup and voters were given the wrong ballot papers. In another polling center, they ran out of ballot papers.
Ballot mishap across four states.

They forgot to go to hospitals and nursing homes
“Patients miss voting in another AEC bungle.”

Defence force on exercise mission miss out on voting.
“Hundreds of soldiers miss out on voting.”

Glenn Lazarus, who missed out on winning his seat back, has now officially lodged a complaint with the AEC.

They are now relying on postal and absentee votes to determine the outcome results. It may not be until next week that a result is known.

It’s been a stinker for the LNP losing so many seats and a brilliant result for Labor winning so many seats back. It has balanced out the member ratio between LNP and Labor.

The test is with the Senate and how that is going to work out.

Where will it lead?  I think with the various discrepancies and there may be more we should go back to vote again if it wasn’t for the cost and time it would take to do it all over.  Bill Shorten has predicted we will be back to the polls before the years out.

The majority of Australians want an ALP (Labor) government. It’s actually quite obvious considering the Liberals and the Nationals have to form a coalition to make up the 76 seats needed for a majority government. Of course, ALP would need to get 76 seats also for them to do the same.

Bob Katter is funny. He has agreed to not block supply or confidence provided theirs no union bashing by Malcolm Turnball. Bob Katter has reserved his right to change his mind. Cathy McGowan has also said “Prime minister Malcolm Turnball and I have agreed that, while maintaining my complete independence, I am prepared to contribute to the stability of the 45th parliament by continuing with my past practice of supporting the government of the day on supply and matters of confidence.”

The government of the day may well be Labor too. The count is not over yet and we may end up going back to the polls. It’s happened before when there have been mistakes made and if enough people complain we may end up having to.